Using Your Personality Strengths To Help Manage Your Bipolar

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” Romans 12:6 We are all born with natural inclinations toward certain personality characteristics. Temperament is the biological part of your personality. Your temperament can help you manage your depression. Dominant personalities are hard charging, get-it-done, goal oriented people. Use those characteristics as …

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If I Had Known…

If I had known… one day there would be medicine to treat my depression. As a young adult I experienced severe depression. At that time medicine was not available to treat depression. Talk therapy focused on how your family was the source of your neuroticism. Following my psychiatrist ’s lead I blamed my parents for …

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Anxiety And Bipolar

As a young pastor I developed anxiety eating with others. It was a situation difficult to avoid since many activities centered on food. Rather than eating, I would greet and visit with people. I ate only enough for a few people could notice. I also suffered from depression and was taking antidepressants but they didn’t …

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How to Support Our Children with Depression

Every child experiences “the blues” every once in a while, but when the sadness becomes relentless, it could manifest into depression. Depression can affect a child’s personal life, school work, and social or family life. Children, versus adults, can develop depression based on additional factors like peer pressure and changing hormone levels. It’s important to …

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